The Goal

Many documentaries on the Grand Canyon have been produced over the past few decades, most of them coming from a completely secular perspective.

While “Secrets Beyond the Rim” was produced by Christians, it is not by any means only for a Christian audience. We take an objective look at science and history, and show how, when framed by a Biblical worldview, all of the dots connect. We do this by sharing multiple perspectives and asking questions that the viewing audience can answer for themselves.

If you have always trusted the Biblical history of a catastrophic flood, you will see detailed analysis and evidences never before revealed on film, coupled with stunning 4K footage as the adventure takes you into the heart of the Canyon and beyond.

If you have always trusted in the changing secular opinions – namely that the rock layers and fossils therein represent vast eons of time and gradual evolution, and that the Canyon was formed by slow erosional processes over the past 6 to 70 million years, then you will learn of new data based on cutting-edge scientific study that might challenge past theories of geological formation. You will not be “preached at” or condemned, but instead it is our intention to bring an educated, scientific approach with new facts and discoveries.

If you are on the fence, have never considered any of these questions, or think that the study of rocks is quite dull, prepare to be amazed!

Please consider funding the marketing of this project as we begin to push for release this Summer! Your contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

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